Sony unveils new exclusive Panopticon

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PSN Tuesday: Metro: Last Light, Dust 514, Jacob Jones

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Nintendo lays advert claim to Let’s Play videos

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Last of Us digital version playable when halfway downloaded

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Vita exclusive Killzone: Mercenary out on 6th September in the UK

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Video: See the history of Gran Turismo, Top Gear style

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Gran Turismo 6 preview: The turning point

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Sony generating $1.9 billion via convertible bonds sales

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Now Playing: November 12-18, 2012

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Now Playing: November 19-25, 2012

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Jetpack Joyride lands on PlayStation Network

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PSN Tuesday: PS All-Stars and Persona 4 Golden out today

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Grand Theft Auto grows stronger because it isn’t annualized, Take-Two CEO says

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Dragon Age 3 coming to next-gen consoles, report says

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God of War: Ascension, Power Stone, and paying allegiance to the gods

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Journey soundtrack receives Grammy nomination

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Crysis 3 sneaks to North America Feb. 19, Europe Feb. 22

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BioWare was working on a spy game, ‘Agent,’ in 2009

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Hang out with the Sportsfriends live stream tonight from Tumblr HQ

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Influential credit rating agency downgrades Sony to “junk”

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Amazon Black Friday deals week continues for UK shoppers

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Why are we stuck with games being released on a Friday?

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Seth Killian’s uphill fight with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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These 25 people hope to be crowned the first ever Final Fantasy super fan

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MOMA Mia! Plans for beefy video game collection next year

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Face-Off: Far Cry 3

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